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China's bidding for Soccer World Cup 2014

In early December 2006, Sun Kanglin (director of Beijing Sports Bureau) revealed that Beijing is going to push to bring the Soccer World Cup 2014 to China's capital city as part of the city's eleventh 5-year Plan (2006-11).

"Beijing's sports market won't go cold after the 2008 Olympics as we have expressed our willingness to the Chinese Football Association (CFA). We want this top event to come to Beijing." Sun Kanglin

Reasons why it's unlikely Beijing will host the Soccer World Cup 2014
  1. The 2014 Cup has already been promised to South America

  2. Countries host the World Cup - one city cannot host the game. 12 cities saw action in Germany this year.

  3. China's soccer team is no good (althought this didn't stop South Africa from hosting Soccer World Cup 2010!).


2 Dec 2006

Beijing World Cup bid 'is mission impossible'